August 14, 2012

I Miss You vs. I Missed You

Who do you miss?

June 19, 2012

Random Thoughts

Pictures can be thrown away, shredded into pieces, burned to ash or in this digital world, deleted (and empty the recycle bin). But tell me, how does one throw away, shred, burn, delete or empty mental pictures and memories?

Wish there is a way to select and remove these uninvited memories. But clearly, the mind does not work that way.

Oh, well.

March 13, 2012


March 8, 2012

Light of My Life

Tomorrow is not a promise, it's a chance.

June 13, 2011


His voice is heavenly :) I used to sleep to this particular song back then when I first started to fall in love with his music. I still remember, it was the year 2003 when I used to own a Walkman and his cassettes. Each night before I sleep I'd listen to this song over and over again until I fell asleep. Selalu berangan as if he was singing it to me :P

Besides his heaven-sent voice and the beautifully written words, I just love how the guitar strings vibrate to produce a tune so easy on my ears. I wish I could rest my head on his lap while he plays the guitar and sings for me at night before I sleep. Haha.

Keep on dreaming!

For now, this is my goodnight song until I meet my own musician who would love to sing for me with his guitar :)


P/S: On a different note, it's been a month since he left. How I miss him so much that I dreamt of him three times already. Rindu sangat budak demok :'(

March 15, 2011

Skincare Samples

Shu Uemura Whitefficient Intense Whitening Essence, Emulsion and Lotion, Cleansing Oils.
Thank you, Peggie :)

Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Lotion, Essence and Moisture Creme.

Clarins White Plus HP Gentle Brightening Exfoliator, Whitening Moisture Day Emulsion and Shaping Facial Lift.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask and Plantscription Anti-aging Serum.
Thank you, Kak Murniza :)

Kose Sekkisei Lotion Mask, Kose Seikisho Mask White, Kose Sekkisei Cleansing Cream and Kose Sekkisei Supreme Revitalizing Cream I.
Thank you, Evon :)

And here are some samples from before that I haven't got the chance to try yet.

Kiehl's Ultimate White Brightening Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Whitening Toner, Activated Whitening Moisturizer and Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++.

Origins Make A Difference serum and moisturizer, Brighter By Nature serum, moisturizer and sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++.

Clinique Derma White Clinical Brightening Essence.

Bile nak habis try semua ni?

March 6, 2011


It's March already? This is way too fast!

Need to keep up with the pace.